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October 2015

Happy Halloween


All of us here at Glynn Avenue Massacre wishes everyone a very safe and amazing Halloween! Just remember…2015-10-31-11-50-48-1600605252

Always check your candy…


and don’t sit too close to the television.



I Got 5 on It! : 5 Favorite Fright Films to Watch on Halloween


Hello Goblins and Ghouls! Halloween is just days away, so I saw it as a perfect time to not only mention a few of my holiday favorites, but also to introduce yet another fun-filled segment to Glynn Avenue Massacre; I GOT 5 ON IT! This segment will be dedicated to all of us gore hounds favorite thing in the whole world: lists. With trick or treating hours away, it only makes sense to list my favorite Halloween season films.

Now…these films don’t necessarily take place on Halloween or have a Halloween theme. This is just a list of films that I enjoy watching to get me in the mood for the greatest holiday of the year. That being said…let’s dive right in!

Top 5 Films to Watch on Halloween

5. Halloween (1978; John Carpenter)

I know it’s cliché. Maybe that’s why it’s at #5. Usually, this film ranks in my top 5 FILMS of all time, but nothing gets the festive blood flowing like Michael Myers returning to Haddonfield to mutilate his sister and all of her school chums. Not to mention, anyone who gets in his way. This film has left viewers in frozen fear for decades and will continue to terrify for decades to come.

4. The Blair Witch Project (1999; Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez)

Burkittsville is alive with witches! The film that defined a sub genre that to this very second gives me chills. The adage of less is more shines ever so bright in this dread inducing found footage masterpiece, as tension builds to an absolutely frightening finale that left millions pondering…”is this real??”

3. The House of the Devil (2009; Ti West)

Ti West delivers the slow burn that eats away at the audience until their hearts poop out on them. A well-crafted story with astonishing performances by Jocelin Donahue and Tom Noonan that will make your skin crawl…and never, ever, ever answer a babysitting ad again.

2. The Monster Squad (1987; Fred Dekker)

Another place on the list for a Tom Noonan flick! My favorite film as a child still holds a very dear hold on my heart. So much, in fact, that it’s a tradition in my house to pop in my VHS copy every Halloween night. The perfect mixture of childhood humor with some genuinely creepy scenes (Duncan Regehr as Dracula still creeps me out…and Michael MacKay) make this classic a must see for the entire family. Even if you’re a scary German guy!

1. Trick ‘r Treat (2007; Michael Dougherty)

It’s the quintessential Halloween movie in my household and with one viewing, I’m almost positive it will be one of your’s. I adore a good anthology film, and this one is almost perfect in my opinion. Every segment is just as amazing as the previous and they all tie together in a wonderfully gruesome manner. Without a shadow of a doubt, Halloween has become a greater holiday because this film exists.

Well there you have it, fright fans! When Saturday rolls around, get all dolled up as your favorite disgusting monster, grab a bag of candy, plop yourself down in your comfy recliner and enjoy some creepy, fun cinema before wreaking havoc on the poor neighborhood kids. They bother you everyday of the year; time for some revenge.



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