Halloween is 12 days away, and if you’re like me, you’re all giddy with excitement! Everything is focused on horror. TV channels are playing mostly horror films, tv series are showing their Halloween episodes, the neighbors are looking at you funny because your front porch decorations might be viewed as “going a little too far”. It’s the greatest time of the year!


…but the greatest part of this haunting season is the dvd/blu ray releases. Horror releases and Halloween go hand-in-hand like a new couple who can’t breathe without each other; it’s a glorious thing! That being said, I made up a little list of films being released and have already been released this month that I’m super stoked about. So…introducing my new segment here at Glynn Avenue Massacre…




Honorable Mentions: TV Series


• American Horror Story: Freak Show (10/6)

I was a huge fan of the first season of AHS. Unfortunately, Asylum and Coven caught my attention, but I couldn’t make myself get through the seasons. I caught the first couple of episodes of this season and I felt myself heading down that similar road. Don’t get me wrong, the acting is always superb and there are some really fascinating effects. One day…or week, I’ll sit down and watch all of the episodes I’ve missed. Good news…Hotel is looking pretty fantastic so far.


• The Following: Season 3/Complete Series (10/13)

Much like American Horror Story, I adored the first season and slowly began losing interest in the second. However, I love Kevin Bacon, so I’m excited to see how this thing ends.


• Wayward Pines: Season 1 (10/13)

Huge fan of this series. It’s got a little bit of everything. Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Humor…I definitely recommend this if you haven’t seen it.


The List


5. Insidious: Chapter 3 (10/6)

This is a franchise that has been unbelievable. James Wan took the idea of a ghost story and boosted it up on steroids with the first 2 installments. Now the director’s chair has been turned over to good friend Leigh Whannell. There are mixed reviews for this film, but I enjoyed it. Incredibly creepy effects, a nice story and believable acting…I’ll take it!


4. Scarewaves (10/27)

Other than a brief description and watching a trailer, I know virtually nothing about this film. Yeah, it’s a low budget film, but I love an anthology and independent film…plus, I like the whole idea of a shock rock radio dj telling scary stories. I’ll for sure check this one out.


3. Neon Maniacs (10/13)

The 1986 fantastic splatter mutant film finally gets a great solo release! I watched a friend’s copy of this film about a year ago and I loved every second of it! If you’re looking for a rare 80s gem to get in the holiday spirit, get this joyride a try.


2. True Fear: The Making of Psycho (10/27)

When talking about all-time greatest fright films, Psycho will be in my top 10 list almost every time I’m asked (it changes periodically, of course). Granted, there are other making of documentaries on Psycho, but I always get excited to see new docs on Hitchcock’s masterpiece.


1. We Are Still Here (10/6)

I can’t lie…this film generally scared me. It could have been the circumstance in which I watched this, but regardless, this film will be in my top list of 2015. Watch it.