Pick of the Week (4/11 – 4/17)

What’s happening, ghouls? GAM back again with this weeks Pick of the Week! Unfortunately, I didn’t get much watching under my belt this week, but I did get a chance to check out a pretty awesome flick via Shudder. So let’s get it!

This Week:

theatre bizzare

The Theatre Bizarre

Festival darling of 2011 with a DVD premiere in 2012, The Theatre Bizarre is not your ordinary, run of the mill horror flicks. It festers on your skin, seeps into your pores and buries itself in your bones. This anthology is comprised of six tales, each becoming a little more gruesome than the previous. Not all of the stories are my cup of tea (The Mother of Toads, Wet Dreams), but they are still very effective and eerie. “I Love You” is a tale of love lost and the how far you would be willing to go to stay with that love. “Sweets” is another commentary on relationships and society in general. “Vision Stains” is the hands down winner of this anthology. Rough, gritty, shocking and all around great, this story is why I highly recommend this film.

My Rating: 7/10

Check it out, if you get the chance. And a huge recommendation of Shudder if you have the means to access this. I’ll be a loyal customer until the end.

Thanks for stopping by and stay posted. Much more to come!