What’s happening, goblins? GAM back again with another ballin’ review! This time, we’re taking you up the mountain to unforeseen gloom and doom. It’s Mountaintop Motel Massacre!


Directed By: Jim McCullough Sr.

Written By: Jim McCullough Jr.

Distributor: New World Pictures

Music By: Ron Di Iulio

Runtime: 95 min.

Format: VHS


Anna Chappell

Bill Thurman

Major Brock

Will Mitchell

Virginia Loridans

Filmed in 1983, but not released until 1986 when New World Pictures picked it up for distribution, Mountaintop Motel Massacre is a little bit of a hidden gem from the 80s. Now, I’m not saying that it’s a masterpiece of dread or overly scary with big horror spots, but this has that 1980s feel that we all loved growing up. I remember seeing this box cover 1,000 times on Friday nights at the local rental place and it wasn’t until this week that I actually got to see this monstrosity. The story is pretty basic. It’s a low budget film that looks like a low budget film. It’s tough to watch at times due to overacting and the dialog leaves little to be desired. Yet, I would totally watch this film again. Maybe four or five times. Honestly, I could see this film reaching almost cult status if it were to be rediscovered at the right time. But why? There’s nothing GREAT about this little nugget. Simply put, it’s exactly the kind of 80s cheese trash that made me a fiend for the genre to begin with. I know, I know. Craig, you say that pretty often. But it’s true. These little discoveries of mine remind me of how much and why I adore horror. You don’t have to have an amazing script, a huge budget or top notch acting. What draws nerds like me in is the fact that it WAS MADE. The McCullough’s had an idea and did it.

Anna Chappell stars as Evelyn, the proprietor of the Mountaintop Motel who recently was released from an insane asylum. In the first three minutes, she’s back to her loose nut ways when she murders her daughter by “accident”…maybe. Naturally, the police understand and let her return to her backwoods motel and continue her life peacefully. Only now, the voice of her murdered daughter lingers in her head, instructing her to commit dastardly deeds. Luckily for us, the motel is packed for the night. The mischief starts out innocently enough. A poisonous snake here; a few cockroaches there…but escalates to manslaughter quickly as Evelyn rushes to dispose of all of her tenants.

To wrap this film up, don’t expect this to be a new found favorite that will leave you spellbound and disgusted. It is what it is; a low budget slasher flick. It’s predictable, silly, cheesy and basic. For me, it’s more about what the film stands for. The time period of the genre and how it coincides with my journey into the black abyss of dread. It won’t shock or dismay, but with a title like Mountaintop Motel Massacre, you are aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Pop a top, take a sip of something, sit back and indulge yourself in a sloppy fun slasher

My Rating: 4.5/10

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