Welcome back, ghouls! It’s that time once again, to check out the Blu Ray and DVD releases of this month!

Now…there’s quite a bit being released in June (much like every month), but we’re going to be talking about some much anticipated releases this go around. So let’s get after it and see what should be added to your collection this month.


The Other Side of the Door (Blu/DVD)

I might have already lost some of you…but hear me out. I’m not saying this film is mind-blowing or is in any way going to change the face of the genre. But, as far as big budget studio films are concerned, this one doesn’t look too bad. I love the story and some of the clips I’ve seen are pretty dope (horror wise). Before you completely write this one off as another The Forest, give it a whirl.


The X-Files: The Event Series (Blu/DVD)

I was a big fan of the TV series and missed it’s run on cable, so I’m pretty excited to get the physical copy and run through the 6 episodes in one sitting. Naturally, there are some mixed feelings about the 10th season of this beloved show…but I’m still pretty jazzed to watch it myself.

The Invitation (Blu/DVD)

Stop reading. Buy this film. Watch it. Return to reading. #1 film of the year so far.


The Girl in the Photographs (DVD)

It’s on VOD now (June 18) so you can go enjoy this film from your living room at anytime. It’s the last film that Wes Craven had a part in (executive producer), so that alone is worth a viewing. Also, Osgood Perkins was apart of the writing process and he’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. If you’re into slashers, give this one a go.


That’s it for this month’s installment of Check It Out! Stay posted for more mutilated mayhem here at Glynn Avenue Massacre. Stay spooked.