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Happy Halloween


All of us here at Glynn Avenue Massacre wishes everyone a very safe and amazing Halloween! Just remember…2015-10-31-11-50-48-1600605252

Always check your candy…


and don’t sit too close to the television.



Update! Right Back To It!

Hello All!

Sorry about the short hiatus. We here at Glynn Avenue Massacre have been experiencing some changes. Now we’re back! And better than ever!

New changes! The Glynn Avenue Massacre crew has grown in numbers! I’m pleased to announce the three new members of the family: Scott, Chase and Dan! All three will be helping with reviews and will be the co-hosts of the Glynn Avenue Massacre Podcast coming soon!

So huge news from our neck of the woods. Stay posted on the podcast and keep tuning in for new reviews. I have been working on a couple that will be posted this week. Here’s a hint on the next one…rabid weasels. Got it? Well come back to read my opinion on that 80s gem!



The Beginning

Hello everyone! I’m Craig, and welcome to my horror review site. New to the scene, but horror films have been my passion since I was young, so I thought I’d give writing reviews a try. I plan on posting new reviews as often as possible. So come along on this journey into the macabre and leave your feedback!

Happy Haunting.

– C

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