What’s up, Creeps? Man, it’s been awhile. It’s insane how quickly time can slip away on you. There have been many changes in my personal life (great changes), but I’m back to deliver you some great recommendations to sink your teeth into. Many of the titles I’m about to mention are available via streaming TV or fairly cheap for rental. So let’s get right in!



Southbound (2015)

A very cool, creepy, thrill ride of an anthology film, featuring shorts from up and coming horror directors Roxanne Benjamin (co-producer of Faults, The Devil’s Candy, V/H/S films), David Bruckner (The Signal, V/H/S films), Patrick Horvath (The Pact II) and Radio Silence (V/H/S). I love a good anthology with a nice wrap-around that ties the stories up with a nice, little bow. Plus, listening to the eerily soothing voice of Larry Fessenden is always a thumbs up.



Deathgasm (2015)

Black metal, satanists, demons, gore, comedy and corpse paint; this film has a little bit of everything. I’ve been meaning to check this film out for quite some time now. It’s a blend of my two favorite things period; death metal and gruesomeness. With this film and Housebound, New Zealand is leading the surge of horror comedies and I’m really excited to see what Jason Lei Howden (a very accomplished visual effects artist) does next.



Hush (2016)

Directed by Mike Flanagan (Absentia, Oculus, Before I Wake), this film was a little bit of a festival darling early on and was released to Netflix last month. It tells the story of a deaf writer, escaping to a cabin in the woods to work and gets terrorized by a man with a crossbow. What separates this film from other slashers is the aspect of being hunted without the use of one of your senses. This allows for some really cool set pieces and guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat. Speaking of Mike Flanagan, he recently appeared on an episode of the Shock Waves podcast and delivered an astounding interview. Check it out if you’re into the podcast thing. Also, Flanagan announced earlier this year that he’s working on a film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Gerald’s Game, which should be pretty f’n interesting.



Making a Murderer (Netflix Series) (2015)

Not really “horror”, but can be horrific at times, this 10 part series blew the pants off of America when it was released. Of course, I waited for all of the fuss to die down before checking it out…and I’m really glad I watched this. It engages you and leaves you talking about it for the next two weeks. If you haven’t seen this, I highly recommend checking it out